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Conference Themes


  1. Controlled Sharing Theme
    1. The "Cmacc" record format
    2. Giving access to protected-resource (private repo) CRUD
    3. Automated computer negotiations
    4. Tracking commitments via blockchains
  2. Implementation: Blockchains and Ledgers Theme
    1. Files, JSON, blockchains, graphs, contract management systems
    2. Blockchains as low cost way for non-repudiation
    3. Blockchain specifically for CommonAccord transactions
    4. Reconstructability and accountability
    5. Integration with:
      1. databases
      2. transaction systems
  3. Legal Theme
    1. Hello World for Legal
      The legal community - both lawyers and clients - mostly uses word processing (Word) for documents. The online world does not, blockchain cannot, etc. The purpose of this document and theme is to suggest appropriate tools and links to resources about how to use them.
      1. Git and Github
      2. Text editors
      3. Make your own instance
      4. Help resources
      5. Sharing
      6. Integrating with other tools
      7. Vocabulary
      "Hello World" is a meme. Often the first thing that a coder does to startup a system is make it return "Hello World."
    2. Object Model for a Legal System
      The goal is to describe all of the pieces, relationships and features of the global legal system as "objects" in a graph of documents (nodes, edges and properties), such that any new relationship or transaction can be created and documented by referencing existing objects and adding the genuinely new elements. "Object model" is a mouthful. In the context of CommonAccord, "object model" means the organization of files on a hard drive.
      1. At a basic level, the files can be something like:
        1. Persons (individuals, legal persons, roles and pseudonyms)
        2. Places
        3. Properties
        4. Forms from websites and from repositories.
      2. Documents (including forms) can also have an object structure.
      3. Transactions are collections of persons, facts, documents and events.
      We suggest one organization of the folders, but this needs much more attention.

    3. Some Form Documents
      1. S/Index/
      2. A small sample of the vast range of document projects. Please let us know about yours! (Please also help us figure out a better way to catalog them.) :
        1. On GitHub (recommended).
        2. On CommonAccord.org in plain text (second best).
  4. Uses Theme
    1. Banking and Insurance
    2. Health
      For instance:
      1. GA4GH Model Patient Consent, with {Who.Wilbanks.Name.Full}
    3. Supply Chain
      For instance:
      1. A master service agreement.
    4. Privacy
      For instance:
      1. A list of some privacy agreements.
    5. Climate
      For instance:
      1. list of energy-related documents
  5. Governance Theme
    1. Managing public repos long term
      1. A global repository - role, standards and governance
      2. National, sector, ... repos
    2. Interaction with goverments - global, national, local, civil
    3. Enterprise organization, shape, management