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In 2014, in connection with a legal hackathon at MIT, I was referred to Primavera De Filippi at Harvard's Berkman Center because of her work on smart contracts and blockchains. Primavera saw the connection between smart contracts and legal text, but also the problems of the various frameworks that CommonAccord then was in. She recoded the app, rapidly, in perl, enabling use of flat files, for the first time since the original RoR version. This permitted us to host the app and content as a repo on GitHub, to run the app locally or via services such as Heroku with a very minimal install. It enabled a fully decentralized data model based on repositories, working just like collaboration on software by the open source community. It was also the first version with lazy evaluation of files. This enables unlimited use of the object model. Her coding was done rapidly, famously at a McDonalds in Buenos Aires and overnight at the Media Lab, and has performance issues and very little error-handling. But it is perfectly accurate. It can be the measure of compliance.