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//Note1 = This presents a possible basic taxonomy for agreements generally. The names are merely suggestions, intended to be i) debated and ii) supplemented and overridden in actual use.
//Note2 = For maximum generality, this uses a common frame for agreements. We point directly at a frame for US English /US/, but that points at an abstract frame /00/, which is also available in /FR/ and /PL/ and should be made available in all other languages.
//Note3 = This is intended as a very simple example for discussion of a generalized system for licenses. There are very extensively developed forms that use the frame also available on this site.
//Note4 = If you click on "Document" in the view bar above, you will get the basic outline (section level).
To see the form with suggested expansion of the subsections go to [G/Agt-License/Outline/_Misc/_Relate/_How/_Deal/0.md] (and click on "Document"). You can also walk up that tree, removing the _Deal, the _How, then _Relate and _Misc until you get back to here - the top-level outline.
//Note5 = The license outline of course changes based on the type of license and many particulars. An example of how to express an inflected outline (while maintaining the common structure) is at: [G/Agt-License/Outline/-Software/0.md]
= [G/AgtForm/US/0.md]
Doc.Ti = License Agreement
sec =
  1. {Def.Sec}
  2. {Deal.Sec}
  3. {How.Sec}
  4. {Relate.Sec}
  5. {Misc.Sec}
Def.Ti = Definitions
Def.sec = A list of defined terms used in the {_Agreement}.
Def. = [G/Z/Base]
Deal.Ti = Deal - In Focus Business Points
Deal.sec = This section is intended to focus business attention on business terms that vary from one contract to another and are of immediate importance to the performance of the contract.
Deal. = [G/Z/Base]
How.Ti = How - Background Business Points
How.sec = The business paradigm.
How. = [G/Z/Base]
Relate.Ti = Relationship - Principal Statements of Assumptions and Allocations of Rights and Risks
Relate.sec = Matters that relate to assumptions of the parties, to contingencies, to unexpected events, methods of communication. Often called "legal" points, and the focus of lawyers' efforts.
Relate. = [G/Z/Base]
Misc.Ti = Miscellaneous - More Legal and Mechanics
Misc.sec = Matters common to most contracts.
Misc. = [G/Z/Base]
P1.Handle = {DefT.Licensor}
P2.Handle = {DefT.Licensee}
Def.Xnum = 1
Deal.Xnum = 2
How.Xnum = 3
Relate.Xnum = 4
Misc.Xnum = 5