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Note = This file is presented in roughly the order in which the page is built. The "r00t" expands into its list, etc. An agreement has eight possible text divisions. The biggest is the list of provisions, called "Sec.Div."
r00t = {Doc}
Note = for backwards compatibility.
Model.Root = {r00t}
Doc = {Head.Div}{Among.Div}{This.Div}{Why.Div}{That.Div}{Sec.Div}{By.Div}{Annex.Div}
Note = The Head of the agreement has a place for a document number or comment, and a centered heading. The centered heading has the document name, date, parties.
Head.Div = {Head.Message}

Head.Message = GUID: {Doc.GUID}
Head.Sec =


Head.sec = {Head.PartyList}
Head.PartyList = {Head.PartyList/2}
Head.PartyList/2 = {P1.Name.Full}
Head.PartyList/3 = {P1.Name.Full}
Head.PartyList/4 = {P1.Name.Full}
Head.PartyList/5 = {P1.Name.Full}
PartyList.cl/-2/-and = {P1.Name.Full} {and} {P3.Name.Full}
PartyList.cl/-3/-and = {P1.Name.Full}, {P2.Name.Full}{q} {and} {P3.Name.Full}
PartyList.cl/-4/-and = {P1.Name.Full}, {P2.Name.Full}, {P3.Name.Full}{q} {and} {P4.Name.Full}
PartyList.cl/-5/-and = {P1.Name.Full}, {P2.Name.Full}, {P3.Name.Full}, {P4.Name.Full}{q} {and} {P5.Name.Full}
PartyList.cl/-2/-or = {P1.Name.Full} {or} {P3.Name.Full}
PartyList.cl/-3/-or = {P1.Name.Full}, {P2.Name.Full}{q} {or} {P3.Name.Full}
PartyList.cl/-4/-or = {P1.Name.Full}, {P2.Name.Full}, {P3.Name.Full}{q} {or} {P4.Name.Full}
PartyList.cl/-5/-or = {P1.Name.Full}, {P2.Name.Full}, {P3.Name.Full}, {P4.Name.Full}{q} {or} {P5.Name.Full}
Head.EffectiveDate.sec = {_Effective_Date}: {EffectiveDate.YMD}
P1.Handle = {_P1}
P2.Handle = {_P2}
P3.Handle = {_P3}
P4.Handle = {_P4}
P5.Handle = {_P5}
Note = The Parties division identifies the parties. It also can identify some other persons (friends) who are important to the contract and mentioned in it, such as subsidiaries, a agent, a broker or insurer:
Among.Div = {Among.Sec}{Friends.Div}
Among.Ti = {Among.Ti/2}
Among.Sec = {Among.Ti}
Among.secs = {Among.secs/2}
Note = Friends.Div is for documents that need to list other persons, for instance affiliates of one of the parties. Defaults to null. To use it, define a paragraph with the desired number of referenced persons in the format "Friend.=[G/Z/ol/s*]" where * is the number of persons, e.g, "Friend.=[G/Z/ol/s3]". This uses the common paragraph format widget.
Friends.Div =
Friend.Ti = Affiliated persons referenced in this {_Agreement}:
Friend.00.sec = {Friend.Def.sec}
Note = This.* is the part that usually starts with "This Agreement ...."
This.Div =
This.Sec = {This.sec}
This.sec = {This.sec/2}
Note = Why.* is the Recitals section. It gives background and objectives.
Why.Div =

Why.Sec = {Why.Ti}
Note = That.* is the part that often says "The parties therefore ...."
That.Div =
That.Sec = {That.sec}
Note = Sec.* is the sections of the agreement - the principal text. There is an option for a heading, but that is rare. We also include a default set of top-level subject matter divisions. Sec.Div defaults to Sec - which makes it easy to use the large set of paragraph widgets.
Sec.Div =
Sec = {sec}
Note = An example of how sections can be named, and used or not used.
sec/Base =
Provision.LI = {Deal.LI}{Cov.LI}{Cond.LI}{Rep.LI}{Life.LI}{Claim.LI}{Misc.LI}
Note = By.* is for signature. It often starts with a statement that the parties adopt the text as their agreement. The default is for two parties.
By.Div =
By.Sec = {By.Ti}
By.sec = {By.0.sec}
By.secs = {By.secs/2}
Note = Annex.* is for any Exhibits, Attachments, Schedules or Annexes. If there are a number of them, you can list them, or use a paragraph widget (Z/ol/...).
Annex.Div =

Annex.Sec =

Note = The Oxford comma. Establishing the default as no such comma. But can override in your documents.
q =
Xnum = ??Xnum-FromForm
lmss-Agreement = http: lmss.sali.org/R88D8i8AcSTUig2X3yPbFHg