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Note = This file is presented in roughly the order in which the page is built. The "r00t" expands into the list of the divisions of the document, the divisions expand into sections, etc. See also the notes to http: github.com/CommonAccord/Form-Agt/US-v0.md.
Note = We use a French defined term, but a US name for the parameter. That improves some interchangeability, but at some cost. It is possible to make translations tables - or a notion that there is a universal and cascading localizations.
Head.EffectiveDate.sec = {_Date_Effective}: {EffectiveDate.YMD}
Among.Ti/2 = Entre :
Among.Ti/3 = Entre :
Among.secs/2 =
Among.secs/3 =
Among.secs/4 =
Among.Def.sec = Dénommés individuellement une « {Def.Partie.sec} » et collectivement les « {_Parties} »
Note = Friends.Div is for documents that need to list other persons, for instance affiliates of one of the parties. Defaults to null. To use it, define a paragraph with the desired number of referenced persons in the format "Friend.=[G/Z/ol/s*]" where * is the number of persons, e.g, "Friend.=[G/Z/ol/s3]". This uses the common paragraph format widget.
Friend.Def.sec = Dénommés individuellement une « {_Tierce_Identifiée} » et collectivement les « {_Tierces_Identifiées} »
Note = This.* is the part that usually starts with "This Agreement ...."
Parties.cl/-2/-and/ =
This.sec/2 = Entre les {_parties} :
This.sec/3 = Entre les {_parties} :
Why.Ti = Etant préalablement rappelé que :
That.sec = Il a été convenu et arrêté ce qui suit :
Note = "sec" is the sections of the agreement - the principal text. There is an option for a heading, but that is rare. We also include a default set of top-level subject matter divisions.
By.Ti = Signature
By.0.sec = Fait à lieu de conclusion de l'{_Accord}, le {DateSignature.YMD}.
By.secs/2 =
By.secs/3 =
By.secs/4 =
Annex.Ti = Annexes
Note = The Oxford comma. In French there is no Oxford comma, so most text will be written without such commas in the first place. But perhaps some lists will be made using "universal" methods. Establishing the default as no such comma.
q =
_ = [G/AgtForm/FR/Def/Link/0.md]
DefT. = [G/AgtForm/FR/Def/Target/0.md]
= [G/AgtForm/00/0.md]