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Note = This file is the (US) English language part of the Agreement frame. It lists the English language snippets and references the common frame.
Head.EffectiveDate.sec = {_Effective_Date}: {EffectiveDate.YMD}
Note = Parties. In English we distinguish between an agreement betweeen two parties and an agreement among three or more. In the common frame there is a default to two parties because that is most common, but you can change that with Among.Ti={Among.Ti/3} and Among.secs={Among.secs/3} or 4...
Among.Ti/2 = By and Between:
Among.Ti/3 = By and Among:
Among.secs = {Among.secs/2}
Among.secs/2 =
Among.secs/3 =
Among.secs/4 =
Among.Def.sec = Each a "{DefT.Party}" and collectively the "{DefT.Parties}."
Among.Def.sec/NotTarget = Each a "{DefT.Party}" and collectively the "{DefT.Parties}."
Def.Party.sec = {_Party}
Note = Friends.Div is for the relatively rare agreements that need to specifically list other persons, for instance affiliates of one of the parties. Defaults to null. To use it, define a paragraph with the desired number of referenced persons in the format "Friend.=[G/Z/ol/s*]" where * is the number of persons, e.g, "Friend.=[G/Z/ol/s3]". This uses the common paragraph format widget.
Friend.Ti = Affiliated persons referenced in this {_Agreement}:
Friend.Def.sec = Each a "{DefT.Named_Third_Party}" and collectively the "{DefT.Named_Third_Parties}."
This.sec/2 = This {Doc.Ti} (this "{DefT.Agreement}") is made as of {EffectiveDate.YMD} ("{DefT.Effective_Date}"), by and between the {_Parties}.
This.sec/2-NotTarget = This {_Agreement} is made as of {EffectiveDate.YMD} (the "{DefT.Effective_Date}"), by and between the {_Parties}.
This.sec/3 = This {Doc.Ti} (this "{DefT.Agreement}") is made as of {EffectiveDate.YMD} ("{DefT.Effective_Date}"), by and among the {_Parties}.
This.sec/3-NotTarget = This {_Agreement} is made as of {EffectiveDate.YMD} (the "{DefT.Effective_Date}"), by and among the {_Parties}.
Why.Ti = Recitals
Note = That - is the part that transitions from the introduction into the sections of the agreement. This is a heavy-duty version, intended to be good in most jurisdictions, at the (slight) cost of having a bit of surplusage for some jurisdictions.
That.sec = In consideration of the mutual promises contained in {_this_Agreement} and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the {_Parties} agree as follows:
By.Ti = Signature
Note = As with "Among," By assumes two parties but you can make more - By.secs={By.secs/3} or 4, etc.
By.0.sec = IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the {_Parties} have executed {_this_Agreement} as of the {_Effective_Date}.
By.secs/2 =
By.secs/3 =
By.secs/4 =
Annex.Ti = Annexes
Note = The Oxford comma is preferred by some and eschewed by others. If you write your text like this: one, two, three{q} and four, then the user can make the choice. Here we default to no Oxford comma:
q =
// = Common elements for linked defined terms ???
_ = [G/AgtForm/US/Def/Link/0.md]
DefT. = [G/AgtForm/US/Def/Target/0.md]
Def.!!! = {!!!}
_!!! = {!!!}
Note = The common frame:
= [G/AgtForm/00/0.md]
!!! = #