Here are a few examples from a consolidated core of forms that can have paths for all jurisdictions and forms of all kinds. It is early and imperfect.
For a short list of some types of agreements, see F/US/00/Agt/.
The F/Demo/ is a first cut at a generalized approach to agreement frames. At root, agreements are a name, some parties, some reason, some Sections, signature and sometimes some Annexes. The five language frame attempts to systematize this so that a single framework can handle all jurisictions using common formats of information about the participants. It is also a brisk introduction to "classes" of persons - including "Human" (with subclasses of "She" and "He") and "Entity" (which needs subclasses such as "Corp", "Partnership," etc.).
In a completely different example, we show integration of "parameters, prose and code." (Grigg's Ricardian) bqc (banque-chain for LaBChain)
See also the extensive NDA examples at: G/Agt-NDA-CmA/