This folder organizes the ACTUS taxonomy ( into file folders that correspond to the ACTUS classifications. Each of the 31 different forms is represented by a file. Currently the file has the four items of information from the table, with key names of Type, Name, RW (for Real World) and Status (for the current development status).
Clicking on the "" file below and then on the tab "Document" will present the information in an outline. At this level, it presents all of the Contract Types in a master outline. If you go down the folders, the "" at each level will present the corresponding Contract Types.
The items are semantically labeled, so a link to OTF/ACTUS/Taxonomy/ will take you to the list of Fixed Income basic financial contracts, and OTF/ACTUS/Taxonomy/ will take you to the Summary of the ANN Annuity.
So far, this does not present any new functionality. But it provides a frame on which we can add such things as model documents (using the classification hierarchy to maximize similarities), lists of parameters (the interface to Smart Contracts and automation systems) and commentary.