This is an effort to fully systematize the use of defined terms. There are three components to use of defined terms:
  1. the defined terms as used in the text {_Defined_Term};
  2. the links that make those terms hyperlink to the definitions (Defined Term); and
  3. the definitions (Def.Defined_Term.sec=Definition text).
With these sets it is easy to make defined terms into hyperlinks in the text. All the author needs to do is reference "_=[G/AgtForm/US/Def/Link/]" and one of the sets of defined terms, for instance "Def.=[G/Agt-US-Sec-Def-CmA/Index/A/]". Then the author can use defined terms in the text by wrapping them in braces, for instance {_Defined_Term}. The author can include the actual definitions as {Def.Defined_Term.sec}. The defined terms will link to the definition.
This approach will eliminate some errors in the use of defined terms since {_Erronious_Term} will appear in red in the text. It can avoid some ambiguity when a defined term is used at the beginning of a sentence (hence capitalization might be because of grammar), and in some cases where defined terms immediately follow one another. Importantly, used of these Libraries of defined terms can encourage consistency and convergence.
The Demo shows a small, but complex set of adaptations.