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____________________________________________ ORIGINAL BONTERMS
# Cloud Terms Best-practice, balanced, open source SaaS/cloud subscription terms
## About Bonterms [Bonterms]( provides best-practice, balanced, open source legal forms for the enterprise. Bonterms forms are standard forms that you modify as necessary for your transaction through a Cover Page. Make sure to have a lawyer review Bonterms forms before use in any circumstance.
## How the Cloud Terms were Created The Cloud Terms were drafted by the [Bonterms Open Source Forms Committee]( The Cloud Terms went through six major drafts, three sub-committees (Data, Risk and General Terms) and multiple meetings, surveys and discussions over seven months.
## How to Use 1. **Review** the Cloud Terms with your lawyer. 2. **Prepare** your Cover Page ([example]( - Identify the parties, Effective Date and other **Key Terms**. - Propose any **Additional Terms** ([examples]( - Attach any Support, SLA, DPA or other **Attachments** 3. **Send** your Cover Page (and Attachments) to your counterparty. - Add a cover note or try our [Explainer]( 4. **Negotiate** the Cover Page and Attachments. 5. **Sign** the Cover Page and create your **Cloud Agreement**! 6. **Issue** or receive Orders ([example](
## Open Source The Cloud Terms and all other standard Bonterms forms are free to use under [CC BY 4.0](
## Feedback or questions? Reach out to