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____________________________________________ ORIGINAL for the Bonterms NDA.
# Mutual-NDA Best-practice, balanced, open source mutual non-disclosure agreement
## About Bonterms [Bonterms]( provides best-practice, balanced, open source legal forms for the enterprise. Bonterms forms are standard forms that you modify as necessary for your transaction through a Cover Page. Make sure to have a lawyer review Bonterms forms before use in any circumstance.
## How the Mutual NDA was Created The Mutual NDA was drafted by the [Bonterms Open Source Forms Committee](, progressing through four drafts over three months.
## How to Use 1. Have your lawyer **review** the Mutual NDA. 2. On the **Cover Page**, fill in the blue defined terms, add the party names and make any proposed edits to the NDA in the space for “Additional Changes”. For an example Cover Page, please visit the [Bonterms website]( 3. **Send** the Cover Page and NDA to your counter-party. Negotiate **only** the Cover Page. 4. **Sign** and close.
## Open Source The Mutual NDA and all other standard Bonterms forms are free to use under [CC BY 4.0](
## Feedback or questions? Reach out to