´╗┐This is a partial Prose Object formatting of a very strong approach to data sharing agreements by SITRA.fi. It is experimental and intended to facilitate discussion. It is not (yet?) done with permission of SITRA and is subject to being taken down if they don't like it.
This is also intended to show steps of conversion to Prose Objects.
  1. On the example of the General Terms, create a /Was/ folder for the onboarding (to reduce future confusion with fully converted objects:
    1. Scrape the PDF and paste into a text editor. Remove the spurious page footers and the like. https://github.com/CommonAccord/FI-SITRA-RuleBookForFairData/blob/master/Was/GeneralTerms/Original.md
    2. Add "keys" for each section, subsection, etc. of text and add section widgets [G/Z/*/*] to make them render into a full document. https://github.com/CommonAccord/FI-SITRA-RuleBookForFairData/blob/master/Was/GeneralTerms/Original-01.md