0.md is the Form of the Term Sheet. Throughout the site, 0 is intended mean the current version of the document. For the moment, we are not creating numbered versions because no-one is make real agreements with these materials. Once they start making real agreements, then we should start to create numbered versions of the documents. So 1.md will be followed by 2.md, etc. Numbered versions should not be changed. Git, the version control software, provides a complete, cryptographically validated version history, so any point in the history can be recovered and proved from the git repository.
[-DefaultValues] contains the list of the values that were suggested by the Galion drafters. As they say, these are only indicative. If you want a document with the default values, you reference that page. It references the Form, so you get the Form with the default values completed. You can override any default value as you make your own document.
[Parties] has the pieces that allow you to easily customize the Term Sheet for different numbers of Founders, Seed and Series A investors.