This is a Prose Object fork of It retains all of the substance of the original Word document, except for the footnotes.
There are stubs for each of the country-specific versions suggested in the form - CA/CN/UK/US. So far, the differences are purely as suggested - a change in the securities laws warnings in the Heading. There are obviously more changes that need to be made based on the jurisdiction, for instance the "accredited investor" or "non-US person" language. But this gives an idea of how to handle multiple versions of a base form (forks in the big data sense). See the Demo. SAFT - Simple Agreement for Future Token
This repository tracks releases of the SAFT forms, part of the [SAFT Project]( These forms are open source and released for anyone to use. Take a look at the documents in this repository.
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This is not an endorsement of the notion of ICOs. Use caution. See, for instance paper on securities law treatment on SAFT and tokens. And follow @prestonjbyrne and @ofnumbers.