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= "https: github.com/CommonAccord/Agt-NDA-CmA">https://github.com/CommonAccord/Agt-NDA-CmA
NDA based originally on a CooleyGo form (with permission but without endorsement). It has been significantly modified. =
The sections (in /Sec/) have common-sense names. There are a number of alternative provisions that show some ways to create and share alternatives. =
This repo is also mounted as part of commonaccord.org - with demos of completed NDAs at = "http: commonaccord.org/i.php?v=l&f=G/Agt-NDA-CmA/Demo/">http://commonaccord.org/i.php?v=l&f=G/Agt-NDA-CmA/Demo/.
Agt-Form-CmA =
CmA_Z =