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Ti = HazardJ-Comment-WorldCCPrinciples-CmA
0.sec = Greetings! Welcome to my little list of links regarding the WorldCC Contract Principles.
1.Ti = Principles and Clauses:
1.sec = OTF/WorldCC/ContractPrinciples-CmA/Principle/0.md
2.Ti = Clauses only, organized as some sections of an agreement:
2.sec = OTF/WorldCC/ContractPrinciples-CmA/Sec/0.md. Note that we organize the Clauses as "Sec," as with the vast majority of other CommonAccord sections.
3.Ti = Alternatives
3.0.sec = The Clauses reflect practices in contexts that vary greatly.
3.1.sec = This is an example from a Master Service Agreement (from GE Power). We have taken the list of provisions and show both the WorldCC Contract Principle and the corresponding MSA provisions: G/HazardJ-Comment-WorldCCPrinciples-CmA/MSA/0.md
3.2.sec = From the WorldCC resources - a form of Software License Agreement, posted under the number 9530:
3. = [G/Z/ol/s2]
4.Ti = Particular Subject Matters
4.1.Ti = Data Protection
4.1.1.sec = OTF/WorldCC/ContractPrinciples-CmA/Principle/DataSecurity/0.md The WorldCC "Contract Principle" regarding Data Security. Background and a recommended clause.
4.1.2.sec = The data protection provisions of a form of Master Services Agreement. Data must be protected along the chain of control. Here are some general provisions. These should be made consistent with the GDPR and should be compared with the WorldCC Principle. (It would be interesting to do a version that reflecte a privacy-preserving approach.) From a GE Power MSA: G/Agt-MasterService-CmA/Sec/PersonalData/0.md
4.1.3.sec = The terms for Kantara UMA: G/Kantara-UMA-Text-CmA/0.md
4.1.4.sec = The GDPR formatted as a prose object: OTF/EU-GDPR-Law-CmA/Form/0.md
4.1.5.sec = A "Privacy Policy" for Acme, done by refactoring the GDPR prose object. This is an example of a ProseChain. A ProseChain connects the "end-user" (aka citizen) via a company's terms to a broader legal community's view (e.g., model terms or legislation). It systematizes text "provenance": OTF/EU-GDPR-Law-CmA/Demo/Acme_UK.md
4.1. = [G/Z/ol/s5]
4. = [G/Z/ol/1]
WorldCC.9530. = [G/WorldCC/9520-SoftwareDevelopmentAgt-CmA/Sec/0.md]
= [G/Z/ol/4]