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Origin = https: www.icann.org/resources/pages/model-privacy-policy-2012-02-25-en
Ti = Our Privacy Policy
0.sec = This is how we will handle information you provide during your visit to our website.
1.Ti = Information you must provide
1.1.sec = In visiting our site, you are required to provide information (a) to register a domain name, (b) to update information about a domain name previously registered, or (c) to submit questions about our service.
1.2.sec = To register a domain name, you are required to provide the name you are registering; your name and postal address (or those of the person for whom you are registering the name); technical information about the computer with which the domain name will be associated; and the name, postal address, e-mail address, and voice and (where available) fax telephone numbers for the technical, administrative, billing, and zone contacts for the domain name.
1.3.sec = Once the domain name has been registered, your registration agreement requires you to correct and update this data promptly. If you submit a question about our service, you will be asked to provide {P2.Contact.cl}
P2.Contact.cl = {P2.Contact.Alt1.cl}
P2.Contact.Alt1.cl = your name, telephone number, and e-mail address.
P2.Contact.Alt2.cl = your name and e-mail address.
1. = [G/Z/ol/3]
1.sec = {1.sens}
2.Ti = Why you must provide the information
2.1.sec = The information you provide when registering a domain name (or correcting or updating registration information) is required to allow the Internet to associate the domain name with your computer, to allow us to properly handle your account (including notifying you at renewal time), and to permit others operating or using the Internet to easily contact you to resolve issues that arise in connection with the domain name.
2.2.sec = It will also be stored under a data escrow program to keep the domain name operating in the event we leave the domain-name registration business.
2.3.sec = When you submit a question to our website, contact information is needed so that we can respond.
2. = [G/Z/ol/3]
2.sec = {2.sens}
3.Ti = Who will receive the information
3.1.sec = We will provide information you submit in registering a domain name or updating related information to our own employees and consultants, to the administrator of the registry for the top-level domain in which you are registering (currently Network Solutions, Inc. for .com, .net, and .org), to operators and users of the Internet making Whois queries concerning your domain-name registration, to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) (which provides technical coordination for the Internet), and to escrow agents, auditors, Whois service providers, and replacement registrars that ICANN may designate.
3.2.sec = Information you provide in asking questions about our service may be given to our employees and consultants and, upon its request, to ICANN.
3. = [G/Z/ol/s2]
3.xlist = {3.blist}
4.Ti = Accessing, correcting, and updating information
4.1.sec = You are required to correct any erroneous or out-of-date contact information concerning your registration.
4.2.sec = You can access the information you provide, correct it, and update it by visiting our website {adjust as appropriate for registrar}.
4. = [G/Z/ol/2]
4.sec = {4.sens}
5.Ti = Information you provide about others
5.sec = In providing personal information about other individuals (such as someone in whose name you are registering or the domain name's technical or billing contacts), you represent that you have notified them of the purposes for which the information will be used, the recipients of the information, and how they can access and correct the information, and that you have obtained their consent.
= [G/Z/ol/5]