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# OneNDA-NDA =
A Prose Object version of the https://onenda.club/ =
There is a new version 7.2 of the oneNDA. We have put that into ProseObject form. Provisionally in the /X/Original/ folder as the various components and a Demo as G/OneNDA-NDA/X/Original/2022-v7-2-Demo-Acme-Ang.md. =
ToDo, ToDiscuss: =
Note that the NDA does not have an Effective Date - a date when it is said to begin. The start is implied from the signature dates? =
It also does not define "Agreement" though that term is used as if it was a defined term. =
OneNDA seems to be thinking in terms of layers - which is close to thinking in "objects". =
https://onenda.club/the-onenda =
The Prose Object WiP at http://www.commonaccord.org/index.php?action = source&file=G/OneNDA-NDA/X/Original/Demo-2021-06-01.md
From their 2021-06-01 model at https://mcusercontent.com/d250ea10c1c1520845955346d/files/77537fc1-82e4-1998-e3bf-34df27fb4abb/oneNDA_010621_DNU.pdf =