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# SAFT - Simple Agreement for Future Token =
This repository tracks releases of the SAFT forms, part of the [SAFT Project](http://saftproject.com). These forms are open source and released for anyone to use. Take a look at the documents in this repository. =
## Contribute =
Contributions welcome. To contribute, please email the SAFT project at: [saft-project@protocol.ai](mailto:saft-project@protocol.ai). =
## Disclaimer =
Consult your own counsel before using these documents. Use any of these documents at your own risk. This repository and its documents do not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied on by any person. Developers, purchasers, investors and any other participant in a token system should consult their own counsel. =
## CmA Notes: =
This is not an endorsement of the notion of ICOs. Use caution. See, for instance = "http: info.wsgr.com/index.php/email/emailWebview?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTWpBMllUSTBOREJtT1RFMyIsInQiOiJEUjdKb2p0STkrZm5QbDBEZmFZb2FMNUpLZFZoczhub3dPN09vNm5jbEFPKzc0NEFhY0ZPRDV4T1VSSjZRbHNVdzFUU05NZGJhQ3RSUEpydTRNRFBYZ0dSdS9SbGhRSkp0MkIrZXNZdEVnbk1BWXhpdG91NHc1dE9EK05QZEM5WCJ9">WSGR.com paper on securities law treatment on SAFT and tokens. And follow @prestonjbyrne and @ofnumbers.