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Ti = Tech Pledge 1
Intro.1.sec = Technology companies have become powerful forces in the US and in the world. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to use that power to protect our users, employees, and values.
Intro.2.sec = In the spirit of helping to preserve theses shared values, we would like for companies to commit to the following pledge:
Intro. = [G/Z/paras/s2]
Privacy.Ti = Keeping User Data Private:
Privacy.1.sec = We will only provide individual user data to governments under correct legal process.
Privacy.2.sec = When legally possible, we will disclose requested statistics and notify users.
Privacy.3.sec = We will commit legal resources as necessary to fight unconstitutional or illegal orders.
Privacy.4.sec = We will not implement data privacy back doors on encryption.
Privacy. = [G/Z/ol/s4]
Immigration.Ti = Supporting Legal Immigration:
Immigration.1.sec = We will provide legal assistance and pay the costs incurred for our immigrant employees who face challenges with border searches, or the immigration system generally.
Immigration.2.sec = We will provide support to efforts to keep the United States DACA policy in place.
Immigration. = [G/Z/ol/s2]
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