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These "Z" docs are little widgets for building documents. There are a variety of section types (1, 2, 3; I, II, III, bullet, etc.) and a few other building blocks. =
This repo should be mounted as /Doc/Z/. So clone it into /Doc/ as /Doc/Cmacc-Doc-G-Z/ and then change the name to "Z". =
These widgets are used very, very often in building documents. =
Someday, most of these should be replaced with a programmed widget (smart folder?). The smart folder should act as if it is a repo of a bunch of files, and intercept any call for a file in that folder that is not satisfied by an actual file (this allows particular overrides - continuation of the prototype inheritance model). This would allow greater flexibility because the file names could be, in essence, program instructions. It would also be much more compact. There are hundreds of files here and we've touched on only a small selection of the possible section and paragraph formats. =
/Doc/G/Z/ =
Cmacc-Vendor =