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Ti = Status - Convergence of Blockchain, Legal and Access Security
0.sec = A number of currents are converging:
1.sec = Bitcoin has spurred interest in P2P transacting platforms. Among many other efforts, the Linux Foundation's {HLP} brings together a large number of actors to agree on a common platform.
2.sec = CommonAccord has a data model (Cmacc) that can extend P2P solutions to all legal relationships and be a bridge for integration with legacy systems such as Word (legal), ECM and ERM.
3.sec = There is a strong tradition of legal codification via bar and trade groups, agencies and clinics, and now also legal "hackers".
4.sec = Decentralized access control based on OAuth and related technologies is widely used and well-understood.
00.sec = The combination of Blockchain/Cmacc/Access is ripe for open-source iteration.
= [G/Z/ol/s4]