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CommonAccord.org // DecentLaw.org =
Codifying Relations in the New Landscape of AI and LLMs: =
A project to open source model licenses, particularly focused on AI/LLM uses. =
There is great change and controversy in relationships among authors and creators, publishers and companies that are consolidating knowledge in AI/LLM models. Litigation, legislation, investigations, strikes, licenses, terms of use are all being used to address parts of this. =
This worldwide debate about the proper allocation of rights and responsibilities could be greatly enhanced by using open-sourced model clauses and documents to find patterns that work for the various actors and communities. It would provide a clearer way to have the discussion, would allow greater nuance and adaptation, and would allow a much broader range of participants to work towards solutions. =
A place to start is with current initiatives on data sharing, including those focused on AI/LLM uses. =