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Ti = Bespoke Dispute Resolution
1.sec = Dispute resolution is a critical part of a transaction platform and the core of the legal function. It is the equivalent of error handling. A good dispute resolution solution makes things upstream work better.
2.sec = It's core function is to apply human judgment to a situation that was unanticipated.
3.sec = To be effective, a dispute resolution system must be able to get to a decision on the merits rapidly and cheaply. It should be alert to manipulation.
4.sec = If parties can plan efficiently and there is a mechanism for aggregating experience, then the dispute resolution process can be shaped by experience, following and forking at the planning layer.
5.0.sec = Disputes can be reduced in number and difficulty of resolution by:
5.1.sec = Clarifying the deal that the parties have agreed (layer one)
5.2.sec = Promptness of declaring the difficulty
5.3.sec = Evidence that is immediately available and relatively uncluttered
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