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Ti = Layers of Law
0.sec = In a piece regarding the relationship between the technology of the blockchain and society, the legal interface, a layered stack emerged. This piece expands that idea.
00.sec = After the first two layers, which define "normal" performance, each layer handles bugs thrown by the previous layer. Bugs move down. Feedback and improvement will move edge-cases back up the stack, where execution is more efficient than the layer below. CommonAccord addresses the first layer. The blockchain intersects with the first layer and can profoundly change the second layer. The combination can profoundly impact the rest.
1. = [S/About/Stack/Planning_Layer.md]
2. = [S/About/Stack/Performance_Layer.md]
3.Ti = Reputation
3.sec = {TBI}
4. = [S/About/Stack/Dispute_Layer.md]
5.Ti = Legal System
5.sec = {TBI}
= [G/Z/ol/5]
TBI = To be iterated.