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Ti = Automatic Performance - The Democratizing Effect of the Blockchain
1.sec = "Automatic Performance" covers a range of activities that may now not be automatic at all. A decision to make something available, transfer it or terminate it currently can involve paperwork and actions by one or a group of persons. Or the automation is a back office function of a service provider, closed to the other, and often only vaguely known by the frontline people of the provider.
2.sec = The democratizing effect of the blockchain is that the automation can be shared, owned by neither party, subject to scrutiny by users, followed, forked and merged like open source software.
3.sec = This is a radical change for the user, who obtains equal standing with the service provider vis-a-vis the protocol. While most users of a service will not directly study the code, just as most users do not inspect source code (or even privacy terms) of apps they download, they will be able to rely on social knowledge (follow). The black box aspect of service providers, including governments, will be reduced. Functions of the black box (object/office/administration) can be securely exposed and shared.
4.sec = Pragmatically, the blockchain is an alternative to waiting on hold for a person to tell you that it can't be done.
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