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An EU project.
The scope of the project could be something like "an open source, privacy-preserving, P2P transacting system". Deliverables would include:
  1. a rendering engine based on Cmacc inheritance;
  2. an interface for casual use on phone or laptop;
  3. interface for power-user, perhaps a "mode" for a standard IDE; git workflow, etc.;
  4. access management (the most technical and challenging part of the deliverables);
  5. tools for the individual to have most of their materials securely hosted, and "carry" only a small amount on their device;
  6. "graph" database application for managing large stores of Cmacc materials. (Conversion from and to the file format, search, access control.)
  7. sample of:
    1. transactions where the transaction has a flow like the steps of clearing a check - e.g. is validated by hosts of each of party;
    2. examples of privacy-preserving requests managed by the host;
    3. documents for doing EU projects (like this).
  8. GDPR- and PSD2- compliant set of documents for transfers - with multi-lingual equivalences in {Partners.#} languages.
The parties' data could be hosted by anyone (including the parties). A working hypothetical is hosting by a bank.