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Legal systems can be codified as "objects" in a "graph."

id People come first. They have relationships, own things, are places.
ids IDs are combinations of persons. Parties to a contract. Suppliers, customers. Employees, board members, agents, subsidiaries. Regulators. Friends with whom you share something important.
re "Re" is for things. Mostly things that a person can own or sell, license, borrow or otherwise exchange. /auto, /ip/patent/, /real, etc. To be tied with registration systems such as deed registries, DMVs, patent offices, etc.
at "At" is for places. 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA, USA becomes at/usa/ma/middlesex/cambridge/broadway/1/geo.
gov Government forms. Applications, permits, reports. Linked to codes, regulations and laws. Adjacent to at/ and /form.
formForms are templates, model documents, boilerplate and other codified text. Contracts, permits, pleadings, adaptations for particular jurisdictions and the like.
docDocs are events in a legal system. Making an application, granting a permit, signing a deal, sending a draft. Each is a connection between some persons, a form and a history. History is the chain of events, the succession of documents.