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"Intro.Ti" : "Introduction" ,

"Head.0.sec" : "<center><a href=\"http://connection.mit.edu/\"><img src=\"Doc/S/About/Conference/Image/mit-connection-science.jpg\" height=\"60\" width=\"180\"></a> \u2003 <a href=\"http://commonaccord.org\"><img src=\"Doc/S/About/Conference/Image/cmacc-trans.png\" height=\"60\" width=\"180\"></a></center>" ,

"Intro.1.sec" : "There is today a need for automation of a number of tasks relating to digital contracts." ,

"Intro.2.sec" : "Models of digital contracts need to be readily available, be easily modifiable and be trackable across machine-to-machine automated negotiations. " ,

"Intro.3.sec" : "Root contracts or \"template\" contracts based on the CommonAccord data model need to be available from public repositories, much like open source software today is available from various GitHub repositories." ,

"Intro.4.sec" : "Privacy-preserving mutual access to private contracts repositories require new paradigms in distributed access control and consent management." ,

"Intro.5.sec" : "The emergence of blockchain technology offers a low cost alternative to digital signatures for contracts, which have so far required centralized certificate authorities." ,

"Intro.6.sec" : "Permissionless and permissioned blockchains allow for various degrees of non-repudiation for digital contracts to be achieved, and provide a low cost alternative for event reconstructability and the accountability of past contracts." ,

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"Model.Root" : "<center><b>{Conference.Ti}</b></center><br>{Head.sec}<br>{Intro.sec}<br><br><h3>{GDoc.Agenda.Link}</h3><br>The \"Zittrain {Theme.ZittrainHourglass.sec}\"<br><br>{Diagram} <br>{Who.sec}" ,

"Diagram" : "{Theme.Cmacc-Access-Ledger.jpg}" ,

"GDoc.Agenda.Link" : "<a href=\"https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_GZf9SKWRhv7NODAxSTUnazxfAMA-0-0dTYv42fJFNs/edit#\">Agenda (Google Doc)</a>" ,

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"Conference." : {"/": "S/About/Conference/Flyer/MIT-DigitalContracts_0.md"} ,

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