presents examples of each of six forms of Safe Notes: Three US varieties and one for each of Canada, Caymen Islands and Singapore. Above you can see each of them. You can also see the deal points - investor names, dates, amounts, caps, discounts and jurisdictions - from all of them in the "All-SAFEs" proseObject.
All the Safes are made from a common core - called "Base" in the /Form/ folder (navigate up one level). The differences as among them are expressed as overlays on the Base Form. There is also a kit of changes for US Safes generally and for Canadian Safes in the /Z/ folder. Those changes relate mostly to the difference in the Safe's use of "Shares" versus "Stock" and similar language issues.
The Caymens and Singapore Safes have many of the Canadian variations, and are made by referencing the Canadian form.
It seems that some differences are improvements that the Canadians and others made as they worked on the documents - that is, those changes seem equally applicable to the US versions. In a deployment approach, these changes could be propogated to the Base - as a kind of pull-request.
I would be delighted to work with anyone who wants to extend this into other jurisdictions or use-cases. Or spots any errors. Pull-requests most welcome.
Also delighted to get benediction or banishment, or even pull-requests, from YCombinator and the lawyers who originated these. Even better if one of them wanted to take over this repo.
The repo is at For presentation on, that repo is mounted at