Alice is a fictive person. Her name comes from medical privacy circles, where she is a fictive patient. She usually has to deal with fictive Bob. Alice has also become well-known to the UMA-Legal working group - e.g. at the wiki and cmacc-uma. The thought here is to create a sampling of documents that Alice might be confronted with. Documents that others usually prepare and which she is poorly situated to negotiate because of lack of time, clout, competence, or interest. Alice is in the situation of most consumers most of the time in most of their dealings. The notion is to provide her (and everyone else) with sets of documents that protect her reasonably well. She can suggest to her suppliers that they use these terms and, if they decline, can ask them to show how their terms differ. Alice can benefit from the work of the GA4GH and Sage Bionetworks. At the moment, we are mostly just making a list.