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= "https: github.com/CommonAccord/Acme-Ang-YC-Note-CmA/edit/master/README.md">https://github.com/CommonAccord/Acme-Ang-YC-Note-CmA/edit/master/README.md
Direct git load repo /G/ - YC SAFE investment note and NDA. =
This repo shows a "deal" in three variations with tne new 2020 versions. A single term sheet provides the parameters for three variations on the YC-SAFE investment note. =
In an ideal world (one in which principals and their lawyers use git), the participants would negotiate the terms of the transaction by pull requests. The principal lawyer for one side would likely manage the requests for the community. Each side would have a point person, who managed pull requests for their side. =
To avoid issues about variations to the underlying repo (Cmacc-Source), the signed documents should note the current commit hashes of the underlying repos (e.g., a76d199). =
http://commonaccord.org/index.php?action = list&file=D/Acme/Ang-YC-Note/
Unless otherwise specified, mount in /Doc/G/ (for "git"). Start with the bottom of the list and work up. =
Acme-Ang-YC-Note-CmA =
Agt-Form-CmA =
Agt-NDA-CmA =
YCombinator-SAFE-2020 =
CmA_U - mount as /Doc/U/ =
CmaccDoc_Z - mount as /Doc/Z/ =
start with the app: =
cmacc-app - mount in /vendor/ =
cmacc-host - the root for the others. =