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Note = This is a demo of the Microsoft Data Use Agreement for Open AI. The original is the third item at https://news.microsoft.com/datainnovation/#data-use-agreements. This uses the variation that assumes a pre-existing NDA between the parties (the version without NDA is also available as /-WithoutNDA/).
Note = Two choices are made here. We permit the Data User to pass on rights in Trained Models to 3rd Parties. (Misc.3rdParty.sec={Misc.3rdParty.Permit3rdPartyRightsInTrainedModel.sec}). We also select the optional provision for Limited Liability and parameterize the amount (LI means to include the <li> and </li> tags). But that provision can be eliminated (Misc.IfLimitedLiability.Sec={Misc.LimitLiability.Delete}).
P1. = [G/U/Who/acme_incorporated.md]
P2. = [G/U/Who/quake_incorporated.md]
= [G/Microsoft-DUA-OAI/Form/-WithNDA/0.md]
Doc.GUID = Acme-Quake DUA-OAI - 001
EffectiveDate.YMD = 1 August, 2019
Why.sec = To improve the data ecosystem.
Misc.3rdParty.sec = {Misc.3rdParty.Permit3rdPartyRightsInTrainedModel.sec}
Misc.IfLimitLiability.Sec = {Misc.LimitLiability.LI}
LimitLiability.Max.$ = $10,000