This repo is developed for an online course of mixed computer science and law students. It takes Non-Disclosure Agreements as a use-case for contracting. It tests a number of theses:
1. Can we organize a law/CS course via git?
1. Is git (and GitHub) as good a platform for legal collaboration as it is for code collaboration?
1. Is VS Code a ready-made interface for legal work?
1. Are "Prose Objects" an ideal form of legal "source" ?
1. What are the barriers to easier, better use of "Prose Objects"? How do they fit into an ecosystem of contracting, governance, Smart Contracts, AI/ML/NLP processing?
1. Can NDAs be "codified" globally?
1. Will front-line users of NDAs - corporate counsel, businesses and others - appreciate and adopt codification.
1. Will we ever run out of questions?
The repo is at
It is presented at
Materials about the process and the course are at /99/.
To get up to speed, it is highly recommended to get the application Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and clone a copy of this NW-NDA repo into VS Code. VS Code greatly eases reading and navigation, as well as providing a way to edit and contribute. Think of it as a browser.
We will link to some featured work here.
A place to start is the current set of demos: