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In making the conversion from the original Word documents to the PrOb format - a few notes:
The original Word document for Cap-NoDiscount does not use even the most basic outining of Word. Outline items are done as indents and hand-typed numbers. This is bad practice in general (unless the point is to make modification harder - hmm, maybe that is the reason). It makes the process of conversion a little bit more work.
LawyersNote=In the Cap-NoDiscount, "Post-Money Valuation Cap" is used, and in one place is "quoted", but not defined. "Discount Rate" is "quoted" but not defined. The meanings seem unambiguous, but the form seems slightly informal/inconsistent.
CodersNote=Is this an intended difference or an accidental variation between the Cap-NoDiscount and the NoCap-Discount?
"constitutes valid and binding obligation" should probably read "constitutes a valid and binding obligation"
Note=There are improvements to make in my organization of the various materials in order to make it easier for each community (Cap, Discount, Canadian, etc.) to work on its own, while keeping the common part very clear. (Another example of Class and extending subclass.) But the basics of a maintainable set of documents is here.
In the Investor Rep (a) this phrase seems to be missing an "a" - "this Safe constitutes valid and binding obligation"
In the Singapore version, the Misc Law provision says "the laws of the Singapore."
There is some inconsistency in the use or non-use of the Oxford comma.