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TiHourglass of Transacting:
0.secPerhaps the waist of the hourglass - the "generative" point of agreement among participants - is an object model for expressing records and relationships.
1.secAlice1 Alice2 Alice3 Alice4 - Acme1 Acme2 Acme3 Acme4 - Advisor1 Advisor2 Advisor3 Advisor4 - Agency1 Agency2 Agency3 Agency 4
2.sec Selling, Trading, Supply Chains, Banking, Medical, Permits, Organization, Accounting, Taxes, Reporting
3.sec Find, Discuss, Specify, Agree, Deliver, Pay, Notify, Dispute, Resolve, Rate
4.sec Browser, App, Editor, IDE, Transaction System, MS Word
5.sec Create Read Update Delete Render   Share
6.secObject Model
7.sec files, JSON, graph, XML
8.secJavaScript or other parser
9.sec blockchains, git, IPFS, other means of sharing
10.sec Solidity, Bitcoin, and other execution of instructions

Zittrain, Jonathan, The Internet and How to Stop It, page 68