Github Microsoft-DUA-OAI Cmacc version of the third form of Microsoft Data Use Agreement - for Open AI -
This is a Prose Object format of the Microsoft original. It is available as a demo, as a library, and as a repo.
The /Form/ has been modularized as sections under /Sec/ and given meaningful names, e.g., /Sec/Permission/, /Sec/DataProtect/.
The "General Terms" have be modularized as subsections under /Sec/Misc/, for instance /Sec/Misc/Assign/. Note that these could be used as a seed general library for "General Terms". Also note that the hyphenated ones indicate that they should probably be broken up a bit more into individual subjects, e.g. /Sec/Misc/Amend-Entire/.
The {_Defined_Terms} have been parameterized, as have the cross-references, e.g. {Misc.Xnum}.
The Attachments are modularized under /Form/Annex/. The directions for completing the Attachments are expressed as parameters, to be over-written in an actual use.