Github repo is intended as the kernel of a codification effort for data sharing agreements, hosted and organized by the WorldCC, in cooperation with the World Economic Forum's initiative on data sharing, and KM Standards.

We proceed in steps, iteratively. In another repo, there is already a suggested framework for "all" contract agreements. It provides basics such as a framework for party identification and signature.

In this repo, we suggest section names for the major headings of data sharing agreements. We give each of these a short descriptive name that serves as a classification system ("taxonomy"). The goals are i) to improve reading by harmonizing the order in which sections are presented, ii) to facilitate the creation of public libraries of terms and alternatives, iii) to accelerate the process of standardization.

This repository is organized as a variety of lists of outlines in "/Outline/". Each outine has a set of suggested headings. The headings are largely self-explanatory. They will also be controversial - different people will have different views about the best order, different industries will have different needs and customs. Nothing here is set in stone. The purpose is to focus discussion on a specific set and get feedback, pushback, alternatives. The modular format of "prose objects" and the platform of git and Github are designed precisely to enable broad collaboration and difference of opinion.

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Thank you.