Github repo has model headings for NDAs based on analytical work done by KM Standards for the WorldCC. The model headings include short statements of the content of each section.

This repository is organized as two forms in "/Form/". The base ("") is the model headings and the descriptions, presented in their original format as a simple document. There is a second "form" ("AgreementFrame") which presents the same material, but in the framework of a contract agreement - with a heading, place for party descriptions and signatures, as well as the basic connecting statements such as "This agreement ...."

Each of the sections is presented separately in a library under "/Sec/" (for "section"). Names have been given to each section based on the meaning. These names create a "taxonomy" of sections, which is the main point of this form. For example, the receiving party's obligation to use appropriate measures to safeguard the data is under the heading "Protect." A possible exculpatory section for inadvertant disclosures is under "InadvertantDisclosures." The exact choice of these names is exactly what we hope will promote discussion and lead to some consensus on the naming, aka "taxonomy," for this model and for NDAs generally. An agreed taxonomy can go a long ways to promoting agreement and standards.
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